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OpenStreetMap is a collaborative online project which creates a free editable map of the world. It is an open online collaborative project and it is built by citizens, but also by public administrations, cultural institutions and researchers. It allows to aggregate user generated data with open data produced within the frame of open government and open science. The content of OpenStreetMap is available under the free license Open Database Licence (ODbL), which is similar to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (its previous license). OpenStreetMap is a fully collaborative citizen science project lead by its online community and open also to researchers and for research. It is a major resource for geodata (sometimes unique) and it has a central role to provide data during disasters and emergencies (with the involvement of the humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team).

Publish information

Publisher:Supported by the OpenStreetMap Foundation
Year of publication: 2004
License: Open Database Licence (ODbL)
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