Socientize Green Paper on Citizen Science in Europe

Created Oct. 26, 2021, 12:21 a.m.
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The SOCIENTIZE Consortium is coordinating an ongoing public consultation and debate about the potential role of Citizen Science in Europe. As an intermediate result, this Green Paper presents the major themes of discussion and some of the policy recommendations that will be refined within the further White Paper on Citizen Science. 

SECTION 1: Presents the background, purpose and scope of this Green Paper. 

SECTION 2: Presents the related European policy context and the opportunities for strengthening citizen involvement in research in Europe. We analyse and align Citizen Science within Europe 2020 strategy, and the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. 

SECTION 3: Presents the SOCIENTIZE activities carried out and methodology followed for the development of the common roadmap for Citizen Science in Europe. 

SECTION 4: Analyses key elements of Citizen Science which are the major discussion themes among the interested parties. Those major themes are the following:  Definition and scope of citizen science which support different engagement models understanding the potential, suitability, risks and linked policies implications.  Deployment, facilitation and sustainability for citizen science projects and coordinated activities at local, national and European scale  Awareness and motivation for active involvement of researchers and volunteers, developing understanding of the related challenges, drivers and barriers Drivers and barriers for success, dealing with technologies that allow distributed intelligence and introducing cultural shift for opening  Impact measurement and evaluation of the different values based on trusted indicators and emerging public debate upon efficiency and excellence in science Each section provides a description of the topics and relates these to a set of open questions. A number of success stories are interwoven to exemplify good practices. 

SECTION 5: Presents a general recommendations for aspects which SOCIENTIZE Consortium and consulted stakeholders see in need of change i.e. in need of a policy action. Grouped under different policy levels, these possible measures include strategic and operational improvements forming the starting point for further discussion and refinement. 

SECTION 6: Explains the plan and roadmap for the next steps in the consultation process. It will include further online open consultations and public events, like endorsement and debate workshops based on this Green Paper. The final goal is to create a White Paper on Citizen Science in Europe by September 2014.

Finally, ANNEX I presents the list of contributors and ANNEX II references and literature.

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Authors: Socientize project;
Publisher:Socientize project
Year of publication: 2013
License: Creative Commons CC-BY
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