Yellowhammer Dialects


Originally the project was limited just to Czech Republic ( and then to UK and New Zealand, however, we already host two sister projects (in Poland and Switzerland) on our website ( and we are open to accept other sister projects, provided they will be "self-coordinated", i.e. there will be a regional coordinator and data-analyst (needing just consultancy from our side).

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The aim is to map the global geographic distribution of birdsong dialects of the Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella).

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How to participate

When walking to work, or visiting countryside, just listen for yellowhammer songs and if you hear it from close, record it for us. Please wait at least two minutes to make sure you cover the full repertoire of the bird. If that is not possible, nevermind - better short song than nothing. See more at

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Recording device, could be a common smartphone, but also many older cellphones would do. Digital cameras are suitable too.See more at

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