Literatura i societat: arxius, entitats i publicacions - ‘Literature and society: archives, organizations and print media’


Starting from the previous investigations, “Literature and society: archives, organizations and print media” is a crowdsourcing project based on the study of the Catalan literary contest called Jocs Florals (‘Floral Games’), systematized through the tools of digital humanities.

The project includes a literary cartography on the Jocs Florals Catalan cultural phenomenon, available on At this time, the cartography allows to visualize the data related to more than 650 literary contents in Catalan held in the period 1859-1977, including: organizations, award-winning works and writers, people who were part of the jury, speeches delivered during the ceremony, members of the organizing committee, and other additional information.

Always starting from the unit of information that are the literary contests, the database allows grouping and relating the different categories of data collected by now, but work has already begun on the cartographic visualization of the links between people, organizations anmd print media.

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The project aims to collect data and analyse the phenomenon of Jocs Florals as the backbone of a series of social and cultural elements making up a more complex system. In this system, the role of associations, cultural centres and publications is of paramount importance for the generation and establishment of Catalan cultural and intellectual networks.

With citizens’ help, this project aims to locate the materials related to these events (such as magazines, newspapers, chronicles, posters, etc.) in the municipal and regional archives throughout Catalonia (and abroad). The information collected will be introduced on the map of the Floral Games of

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How to participate

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please write to us at

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A desktop computer or laptop and an internet connection.

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