RadoNorm Citizen science projects


In the framework of the RadoNorm European project, we have launched 4 pilot citizen science projects in the field of radon. These pilot citizen science projects are being tested in France, Hungary, Ireland and Norway. These pilot initiatives will help to support the creation of a network of citizen science projects in different European countries. For this, RadoNorm will open a call in October 2022 and will invite any interested party (e.g. local communities, NGOs, universities, social civil groups, etc) to apply for funding to conduct a citizen science initiative on radon in their community.

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The European project RadoNorm aims to support local communities and citizens to launch citizen science projects in the field of radon. Each project will have its own objectives.

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How to participate

The European project RadoNorm is looking to fund and support citizen science initiatives related to radon testing or /and radon mitigation in radon prone areas. RadoNorm is seeking to partner with:

  • New citizen science projects on radon looking for support, financial and otherwise, to grow and become sustainable;
  • Communities interested in co-designing research into radon;
  • Organisations in the public and private sectors exploring the use of citizen science in their work related to radon measurements and/or radon remediation.

RadoNorm will provide funding for a six-month project, alongside dedicated activities, resources and tools to set up and run the project. You will have the chance to co-design and try out the RadoNorm toolkit and work together with RadoNorm researchers and professionals to tailor the support you need to achieve your goals.

The call will open in October 2022 and will close in February 2023. More information will follow soon in the webpage: https://www.radonorm.eu/activities/radonorm-citizen-science/

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In some RadoNorm citizen science pilot initiatives there are radon detectors or air pollutant sensors which serve to measure the level of radon in dwellings, schools or workplaces.

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